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Bronx Sidewalk Shed Rental & Installation Services

Sidewalk sheds are quite popular in Bronx, especially in areas where construction and renovation works are sited. These sheds serve as a protective barrier to shield pedestrians from potential hazards or any falling debris, and dust,  that arise during construction, maintenance, or renovation work.

However, the DIY approach to installing sidewalk sheds may cause problems for the construction company because there are rules and regulations to adhere to. This is why it is important to engage the services of a sidewalk shed rental company that would provide quality sidewalk shed rental services in full compliance with Bronx rules and regulations.

sidewalk shed rental bronx

Range of Services

Here’s an overview of  the sidewalk shed services we offer:

Sidewalk Shed Rental

At Keystone Contracting Corp, we offer quality sidewalk shed rental services. Whether the project is small-scale or a large construction site, our sidewalk shed will ensure that all your construction activities proceed safely without disrupting the environment. Our rental services also come in short term and long term, all you have to do is find us at the heart of the city and rest assured we will handle all your needs 

Sidewalk Shed Installation

Our services do not end with renting, we also handle the installation process of your chosen sidewalk shed efficiently. Our team of experts will ensure the structures are erected securely in compliance with local regulations and safety standards. 

Sidewalk Shed Maintenance & Inspection 

As a company that prioritizes safety, our services do not stop with renting and installations. Routine inspections and maintenance services are a part of the comprehensive packages we offer. The essence of these inspections and maintenance is to ensure the structure remains stable and effective throughout the course of the project.

Sidewalk Shed Rental Process and Pricing

Here’s a breakdown of our sidewalk shed rental process when you engage our services

Initial Inquiry

By reaching out to us through the appropriate channels- phone, email, or website to express your interest, our team will then gather important information about your project. We will also schedule a consultation with you to discuss your needs in detail. This consultation gives you the opportunity to get answers to your doubts and gives you a better insight into our rental process 


Based on the information we have gathered about your project, we will show you the customization options available. From designs, sizes materials to any other features you need 

Proposal and Pricing

After the consultation, we’ll prepare a comprehensive proposal that outlines the recommended sidewalk shed, pricing, and terms and conditions of the contract. 

However,  please note that our pricing can be affected by factors such as the size and configuration of the sidewalk shed, the location of the project, and also duration of the rental. We also offer customized pricing options to meet the budgets of our clients 


Once you’ve signed the agreement, we’ll move straight to planning. We’ll also work with you to determine when to  schedule the best time for the installation phase to reduce disruptions 


Before we commence the installation phase, our team of engineered experts will conduct a thorough analysis of the site to be sure the sidewalk shed can withstand environmental factors and also the load requirements of your projects 


Our team will get the best materials for the installation phase. But before we begin installing the sidewalk shed, our team will clear off any debris to ensure proper ground leveling. Then we’ll proceed to assemble the sidewalk shed according to the planning, ensuring the anchoring is secure and properly connected 

Final Inspection

Our team will conduct a final inspection to confirm if the installation process meets our standards and also if the structure is ready to use.


Throughout the course of the rental period, our company will support you by providing maintenance services to ensure the sidewalk shed stays in top shape

Removal and Dismantling 

Once your project is complete, our team will smoothly and carefully remove the sidewalk shed to reduce disruptions.

sidewalk shed rental services bronx

Benefits of Sidewalk Sheds

Here’s a list of Benefits you’ll enjoy when you hire our sidewalk shed rental services in Bronx

Pedestrian Safety:  Our sidewalk shed will protect pedestrians from any harm that may occur due to falling debris or dust from the construction site. This will ensure their safety and reduce worries about moving around construction sites.

Worker Well-being: Our sidewalk shed not only prioritizes the safety of passersby but the well-being of workers too. Our services will help reduce the risks of accidents for workers and help them focus on their tasks.

Property Protection: Properties close to the construction sites or opposite them will be protected from any potential damage caused by construction activities. Our sidewalk shed acts as a barrier, preventing debris from affecting other properties.

Enhanced Project Efficiency:  Our sidewalk shed contributes significantly to the efficiency of the project. faster completion timeline, to easy execution of tasks by workers, you rest assured of getting value for your money.

Customization Options We Offer for Unique Requirements of Different Projects

At Keystone Contracting Corp, we offer many customization Options to our clients. From sizes, designs, architectural aesthetics, and structural adaptability. Our customization ensures every project aligns with the needs and requirements of the property owner. This shows our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the modern New York environment.

Safety and Compliance

When it comes to our sidewalk shed rental services, safety is of utmost importance. To ensure the structural stability of this structure, our team of engineering experts will use the best materials available such as corrosion-resistant steel or robust aluminum alloys to construct the structure. During the Installation phase of the sidewalk shed, we will also ensure proper safety measures are put into practice to prevent any potential hazards.

Keystone Contracting Corp also prioritizes complete compliance with local building codes and regulations. We ensure our sidewalk shed rental services meet the requirements of local laws to showcase our commitment to ensuring the safety of passersby and the surrounding community.

Customization Options

Here’s an overview of the customization choices available to clients

Sizes: Our company offers different shed sizes and layouts to accommodate the scale of the site. Whether the project is small-scale or large construction, our customization ensures the shed fits within the available space without disrupting pedestrians 

Design Materials: Clients can select the design material they want for their sidewalk shed. This choice may align with the building they are renovating to enhancSidewalke its aesthetics. Whatever choice they settle for, our customization will seamlessly include their needs allowing the sidewalk shed to blend well with the environment 

Branding: Gone are the days when sidewalk sheds were anonymous structures. Clients can now leverage the many branding options available to communicate project details, contacts, timelines, and safety instructions to passersby. This approach has proved effective in fostering transparency and trust between construction sites and communities 

Client Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How much does a sidewalk shed cost in Bronx?

Standard sidewalk sheds cost approximately $125 to $150 per linear foot of shed for the first three months.

  1. What is a sidewalk shed?

A sidewalk shed is a temporary 1-story scaffold structure built over a public way to protect pedestrians from falling debris from a construction site.

  1. Why does Bronx have so many sidewalk sheds?

They are erected for two reasons: To protect passersby from potential harm during construction or because the building has been marked unsafe after failing an inspection required under the city’s Local Law 11

  1. What is the cost-effective shed floor?

Pressure-treated plywood

  1. Do you need a permit for a shed in NY?

Yes. You need a permit before erecting any sidewalk shed, or a supported scaffold over 40 feet in height.

  1. What requires a building permit in NY?

New buildings, additions, and reconstruction projects. 

  1. When do people require sidewalk shed in Bronx?

Construction of buildings more than 40 feet high, demolishing a building more than 25 feet high.

  1. Do companies submit sidewalk shed designs to DOB for review?

Yes. It is mandatory for all sidewalk shed designs to be filed and permitted.

  1. What is the difference between a shed and a scaffold?

A sidewalk shed is a structure built over a sidewalk to protect pedestrians from objects falling from a construction site. A suspended scaffold is a work platform supported by cables or rope from the roof of a building. It is designed to support workers on the outside of a building.

  1. What are the parts of a sidewalk called?

Anatomy of a sidewalk: Frontage or loiter zone, Throughway zone, Furnishing zone.

Contact and Request Information

If you are looking for the best sidewalk shed rental service in Bronx, Keystone Contracting Corp is the safest and best option for you when it comes to providing high-quality sidewalk shed solutions for your construction or renovation. We also provide suspended scaffolding and rigging services.

Contact us today at our landline number +1 718-256-3656 or send us a mail at or simply fill out the contact form on our website to enable you to request a quote or schedule a consultation with us.  We would love an opportunity to work with you.

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