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NYC Fence Rental & Fence Installation Services

Temporary fence rental solutions have gained immense popularity in recent years for their ability to provide maximum protection to properties. The importance of fencing for security purposes, privacy, property delineation, and even aesthetics in today’s world cannot be overstated.

 It doesn’t matter if you are a property owner, an event organizer, or a construction company living in a fast-paced city like New York, will make you need fence rental services. These fencing services will come in handy to help secure your properties or maintain order for your event. However, this can only be achieved when you engage the services of a professional fence rental company for proper installation.

Fencing Rental Services

At Keystone contracting corp, we offer quality fencing rental services for both short-term needs and long-term needs. However, if you want to go for our short-term rental services for your construction sites, events, or even temporary barriers., we have various fencing options that will suit your needs.

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Fence Installation Process

Here is a breakdown of our fence installation process:



The first step we take to commence the installation process is consultation. This is where toll be given the opportunity to discuss your need and preferences. Our  experts will  give you recommendations  based on your fencing needs, be it residential, commercial, industrial, or temporary event fencing, 

Design and Planning

Based on your consultation with us, we will understand if you want to customize your fence or not. But if the former is the case, our team  will start working on a design that aligns with your needs and the rules of the city

Material Selection and Preparation

Our team will source the best materials available in the industry that matches the design you need. We will prepare the materials for delivery, making sure everything is set for the installation process

Delivery and Setup

We will schedule a date that is convenient for you and your neighbors. Then on the scheduled date, our skilled experts will arrive at your property with all our materials and equipment intact for the setup process.


With high professionalism, our team will install the fencing according to the design you chose and ensure will meet all relevant building codes and regulations.

Inspection and Client Approval

Before considering the project complete, we will conduct a thorough inspection and assessment of the job to make sure the fencing meets our standards. We will also involve you in this process to get your approval and address any concerns you may have. since client satisfaction is our priority

Removal Process

For a short-term fence rental service, we will ensure that when the period of use comes to an end, our team will return to your property and carefully dismantle the fencing. We will make sure the removal process does not disrupt the peace of your neighborhood as we prioritize leaving the areas in the same condition we found it.

Company Background and Expertise

At Keystone Contracting Corp we offer high-quality fencing solutions in NYC from rental to Installation and maintenance. As a company that has been in operation for a long time, we have gathered a vast knowledge of the industry.  We are also licensed by local authorities to provide quality fencing solutions to suit your needs. Our experts are trained and certified to handle all types of installations. You can trust us to use high-quality materials such as steel frames, wire mesh, and privacy screening to ensure maximum protection of your properties.

Range of Fencing Solutions

Here’s an overview of the various fencing options we offer at our company 

Chain Link Fences 

Chain link fences are the most common fencing many property owners opt for. They are the go-to choice because of their durability and sturdiness. They are a perfect choice if you are looking for a fencing solution for your residential property. However, they are not limited to residential owners. Business owners can also opt for them too if they need security for their properties.

Mesh Fences

These fences are lightweight and very versatile. Many construction owners and event planners usually go for mesh fences. This is because they are wind resistant and very secure which makes them the ideal choice for construction sites and outdoor events.

Privacy Screens

They are temporal fencing solutions that are attached to fences. These fences help reduce visibility and ensure privacy for events where discretion is paramount 

Wood Fencing

These fences are mainly used for residential purposes. Property owners can choose to customize the fencing in terms of heights and designs to suit their needs.  Most homeowners go for tall and solid wooden fences for adequate privacy, while others opt for picket fences to give the home a welcome feel. However, whichever choice property owners opt for, Keystone Contracting Corp has trained staff for the proper installation of the fences.

Metal Fencing

These fences are popular for their durability and elegant nature. They are the ideal choice for both residential and commercial properties. Metal fences come in different types and can fit different project needs. Construction owners can also opt for metal fences because of their sturdiness which is great for high-security purposes 

Vinyl Fencing

These fences are the ideal choice if you’re looking for the perfect mix of aesthetics and low maintenance. They are the most durable type of fencing you can get for your property. This is because they are resistant to moisture, insects, and even fading. Also, their elegant nature makes them the go-to choice for residential owners who want the look without too much maintenance.

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Customization and Design

For the various fencing options available, clients who need customization and design can get them from our experts during installation. Whether you need wooden fences or even metal fences, we can handle the customization to suit your needs.

Benefits of Professional Fencing

As earlier mentioned, fencing solutions have been saving lives forever. However, DIY approaches are not advisable. So if you’re skeptical about hiring a professional fence rental company, here’s a list of benefits you will be missing. 

Enhanced Security 

Fence installation by trained experts is a significant boost to your property security. This is because the team will ensure the fences are properly installed to serve as a defense against potential intruders and trespassers. And also ensure your properties and assets are secure.

Improved Aesthetics

 Professional fence rental companies offer a wide range of fencing options for you to choose from. They can also customize your fences based on your preference. This will of course improve the overall aesthetics of your home and help boost its charm and appeal 

Increased Property Value

Due to the elegant nature of the fence material provided to you. The price of your property may shoot up. Potential buyers or rentals always see quality fencing as an attractive feature 

Noise Reduction

You are sure of getting the best fencing material from a professional fence rental company like Keystone Contracting Corp. And with this material comes a great reduction of noise from surrounding areas ensuring a conducive and peaceful environment for you and your family 


 A well-installed fence offers the needed privacy for your property. The fence act as a  shield that protects your assets from prying eyes and this is particularly important for homeowners 

Weather Protection

For a fast-paced city like NYC, where the weather is quite unpredictable, sturdy fences installed by a professional fence rental company will protect your property from winds and also reduce soil erosion 

Reduced Maintenance

You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your fences if they were installed by experts.  Already, the company ensures its fencing materials are durable to reduce the need for frequent repairs or maintenance. 

NYC Compliance and Regulations

When it comes to installing fences in a fast-paced city like New York, compliance with local authorities, building codes, and getting the necessary permits is of utmost importance. 

At Keystone Contracting Corp, we understand how lack of compliance with NYC regulations can affect our job and also the services we provide to our clients, so we ensure our fencing solutions meet and exceed the standards set by the authorities.

How We Comply With the Legal Aspects of Installing Fences in NYC


Zoning Regulations: Before we install a fence, we will consult the local zoning authorities to find out if there are any restrictions on the placement, design, or height of the fence. This is to ensure the installation process does not go against the rules of the city 

Building Codes: These codes outline the standards we need to meet to ensure the structural integrity of the properties and also ensure. We take great care in adhering to every building code in place not just as a legal requirement but to ensure the safety of our property owners 

Permits: In a city like NYC, obtaining permits is an important step we take before the installation process commences. We apply for them, ensure all documents are in place, and submit them on time before our job begins. 

Historical Districts: Some parts of the city are marked off as historical districts, in order not to risk trespassing, we adhere to the additional regulations that come with installing a fence in these areas to ensure our fence aligns with what the area stands for.

Request a Quote or Consultation

Whether you need a short-term fence rental service or you need our fencing services for the long term, we are the safest and best option to provide high-quality fencing solutions for your property’s unique needs. We also provide jersey barriers rental and rigging services.

Contact us today at our landline number +1 718-256-3656 or send us a mail at or simply fill out the contact form on our website to enable you to request a quote or schedule a consultation with us. We would love an opportunity to work with you.

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