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Comprehensive Roof Inspection Service in Bronx

Understanding the Importance of Roof Inspection Services in Bronx

Hiring a team of experts for a roof inspection service in Bronx for your property is one way to elongate its lifespan. Your roof acts as a defense against natural elements to protect you and your assets from harsh weather conditions that are common in New York. 

However, even the strongest roof may experience wear and tear that compromises its functionality. This is where a professional roof inspection company like Keystone Contracting Corp is your safest option for top-quality roof inspection service.

Why Regular Roof Inspections Matter: Protecting Your Investment

Most property owners often overlook the need for regular inspections and face dire consequences because they failed to nip the minor problem in the bud on time. Regular inspections conducted by a professional roof inspection company in Bronx can identify and fix the threat to your property’s roof with immediate effect. This in turn prevents further deterioration or irreparable damage to your roof and saves you the extra costs. 

Professional Roof Inspection Services in Bronx: Trust the Experts

While you need the services of a roof inspection company for your property, It is important you engage the services of experts who can provide quality solutions for you and this is what Keystone Contracting Corp represents.

 Our company is committed to offering you excellence every step of the way and this is also seen in the roof inspection services we provide to our clients.

Our team of certified experts are specialists in the industry who provide in-depth and cost-effective roof inspection services. One of the ways we do this is through infrared screening to identify any damage.

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The Roof Inspection Process: Thorough Assessment for Optimal Safety

At Keystone Contracting Corp, we employ a professional and meticulous approach to inspecting your roof. Here is step by step guide to  the process:


The process begins when you reach out to us for consultation. We allow you to express all your concerns about your roof’s health

Inspection of the Exterior:

The first inspection we will carry out is to thoroughly examine your roof’s exterior to check for any signs of damage, leaks, or deterioration by the growth of mold. 

Structure Inspection:

When we finish with the interior, our team will check the structure next to check for sagging, and unevenness. Also, the inspection includes a thorough examination of the roof’s trusses, and rafters to ensure they are in good shape.

Interior Inspection:

This includes a full assessment of the attic space. Our team will check the ventilation, insulation, and water stains and take down our findings.

Checking the Gutters:

Our team will check your property’s gutter to be sure they are free of debris for proper drainage.


Our team will then proceed to document their findings. This includes taking pictures of the sites and jotting down notes. This documentation is important to us to show our transparency and accuracy to our clients

Detailed Report:  

When the inspection is complete, our team will provide you with a report of our findings. The report will also include recommendations and the next step to take for your property on roof repairs or roof maintenance to increase its lifespan.

A look at the process provides you insights into the quality services we will offer you when hire us.  We conduct our assessment of your property using advanced equipment like Infrared screening and expert techniques to identify any potential threat to your roof.

Benefits of Hiring Keystone Contracting Corp: Your Roof in Reliable Hands

We are synonymous with excellence and committed to our client’s satisfaction. This places us as the best choice when it comes to selecting the best roof inspection services in Bronx. When you contact Keystone Contracting Corp for a professional roof inspection, you are sure of peace of mind knowing that your property is in reliable hands.

Common Concerns of Roof Inspections

Some property owners often dwell on common concerns and end up neglecting the roof,  which causes damage and extra costs. They include:

Time for a Roof Inspection:

This is one of the major concerns of property owners. What time is the best? However, engaging the services of a roof inspection company in New York will deal with the issue effectively.


To some property owners, they rather not pay for inspection, but pay for costly repairs. This isn’t wise. It’s better you engage the services of an expert to save you expensive costs in the future.

How Disruptive is Roof Inspection:

Repairs often make lots of sound and are disruptive. Unlike roof inspections, professionals are trained to quietly do their assessments without disrupting the daily routine of the home’s occupants.

Is roof inspection necessary for a new roof?

Another concern for property owners with new roofs is they are often conflicted on whether to hire a roof inspection company. However, inspections are still a must even for new roofs. This is to ensure the roofs are performing as intended.

When to Schedule a Roof Inspection: Timely Maintenance for Longevity

Knowing when to schedule roof inspections is important to ensure you don’t get stuck in bad weather, especially in Bronx. 

The frequency of a roof inspection depends on the type of property, roofing material used, and local conditions. For residential properties, annual inspections are best. Then aging roofs, serious weather problems, and signs of damage are some of the reasons residential property homeowners seek the services of a roof inspection company. 

Unlike residential properties, commercial roof inspections in Bronx are done biannually or quarterly. Then aging roofs, serious weather issues, seasonal changes, and high-traffic areas may also signal regular inspections. Seasons are also important factors that determine a successful roof inspection. The best time to conduct roof inspections is likely Summer and  Fall for optimal results.

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Choosing the Right Roof Inspection Service in Bronx: Factors to Consider

Here are some factors you should consider when seeking professional roof inspection services in Bronx:


Look for certified experts from the industry. Experts with certifications from the industry show a commitment to excellence and professionalism.

Experience and Expertise:

A company with a team of experts who have been in the industry for a considerable amount of period will have knowledge of roofing challenges and identify them when they come across it.

Inspection Process:

Ask for the step-by-step process of their roof inspection process. This will let you know if they are the perfect fit for the job

Online Reviews and Success Stories:

Check online, and read reviews of the previous client about their work this will help build your confidence in the company to deliver quality solutions for your property

Inspection Reports:

Professionals and specialists in the industry will provide detailed reports of their findings. Request for it.

Extra Services:

Opt for companies that can provide extra services like roof repair, maintenance, installations, and replacement. This will save you time and effort.

Strengths of Keystone Contracting Corp

Here’s a quick look at the unique strengths of our company to help guide their decisions: 

  • Our company consists of a team of certified experts in the industry and they deliver nothing short of excellence.
  • Apart from roof inspection services in Bronx, we provide other solutions like roof repairs, maintenance, residential roofing, roof replacement, and even roof installation to cater to your property’s unique needs.
  • After a thorough roof inspection, we will provide a detailed report. To show you our transparency and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Our success stories of thousands of clients over the world, demonstrate our penchant for value, excellence, and high-quality solutions.

Case Studies and Testimonials: Real-Life Success Stories

Case Study: Brownstone Roof


A brownstone building in Bronx was having leaks and water stains on its interior roof. The property owners were concerned about potential structural damage and needed a roof inspection to identify the problem.

Keystone Contracting Corp was contacted and our team scheduled an in-depth roof inspection, checking both the exterior and interior of the roof. During the inspection, our experts identified areas of damaged flashing and deteriorated shingles near chimneys and valleys.  A detailed report of findings and recommendations was given to the owners of the property.


We got 3 quotes and although Keystone wasn't the cheapest but they were in our opinion the only roofing company whose price accurately reflected what a quality job should cost. Everyone wanted to lay over our flat roof and even offered a warranty which I found questionable. Keystone sent Adam to explain the to us roofing process and give a proposal. He showed us how the flashings were bad, we had too many layers and it was time to replace the roof. We could not agree more, it's what we knew all along. After 80 years of layers, we finally invested in the building like no homeowner before and did a full tear-off. They found rotted wood beneath the rubber and changed all that before installing a 25 years roof system with a labor and material warranty. I would without hesitation say they are one of the only high-quality roofers operating in the Bronx and I would highly recommend them to everyone for flat roofing in the Bronx. Our townhouse is now protected from the elements with all skylights sealed tights, no more leaks, and peace of mind. Thanks, Adam, and thank you everyone at Keystone
Syeda Bukhari
Home Owner

Safeguard Your Home with Keystone Contracting Corp

Roof inspections save you from irreparable damage, elongate the lifespan of your roof, and let you stay decades free without major repairs.

For timely interventions to prevent further deterioration of your roof or costly repairs in the future, it is important to engage a professional roof inspection service in Bronx if your property is situated there. And good for you, you can find Keystone Contracting Corp at the heart of the city 

Contact us today for your roof inspection to enjoy the benefits of having a secure and sturdy roof over your head.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Roof Inspections in Bronx

  1. How much does a roof inspection cost in Bronx?

150 dollars to 250 dollars

  1. “Are roof inspections necessary for new homes?”


  1. Can I perform a roof inspection myself?

DIY methods are not effective.

  1. How often should I get my roof inspected in Bronx?

At least once a year

  1. What should I look for during a roof inspection?

Wear and tear, Curled shingles, damage, Excessive Algae growth, and water stains

  1. Do roof inspectors check for leaks?


  1. Can a roof inspection prevent potential water damage?

Yes. Timely inspections equal timely intervention

  1. Is roof inspection covered by homeowners’ insurance?


  1. Are roof inspections required for property transactions?


  1. What happens during a commercial roof inspection?

After the roof inspection and findings have been taken, a detailed report will be given to the property owner, and recommendations for the next step.

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