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Expert Stone Restoration Services Near You in Bronx

Stones are one of the best building materials available. Their durability and functionality have made them homeowners’ favorite in recent years. However, even the best stones can get worn out or cracked due to exposure to natural elements and environmental factors like sun, wind, storms, and rain. This is why it is essential to get expert stone restoration services. So, if you’re looking for stone restoration near me, Keystone Contracting Corp has got you covered, keep reading to see how we can return your buildings to their seamless and pristine state.

Our Services

comprehensive. This is to ensure we offer high-quality solutions to your chipped or cracked stone surfaces. Here is a breakdown of the stone restoration services we offer.

Stone Cleaning:

When we commence the project, our first step is thorough cleaning. We understand that many years of exposure to natural elements will make it accumulate dirt and grime on your stone’s surface so proper cleaning will be carried out.

Polishing and Honing: 

To get your stone back to its shining surface. Polishing and Honing are very important. Our team understands this, and this is why we refine your  stone’s surface to get  back its aesthetic splendor 

Chip and Crack Repair: 

Even the strongest stones are bound to crack due to the harsh weather conditions in Bronx. This is why our expert makes use of advanced techniques such as epoxy filling, and patching to ensure your stone is restored back to its seamless surface 

Stain Removal:

Tough stains like grime can be hard to remove on stone surfaces. This is one of the reasons it is important to hire the services of a professional stone restoration company. Our experts are skilled and can remove even the toughest stains to get your stone looking shiny again.

Sealing and Protection:

To ensure your stone’s surface does not accumulate dirt easily again. We will seal the surfaces with high-quality sealants to protect your restored stone from spills, stains, and moisture.

stone restoration services near me in bronx

Why Choose Us

At Keystone Contracting Corp, we handle both commercial and residential stone restoration and our services are comprehensive which has earned us the trust of our many clients. If you doubt us, here are some reasons why we are the perfect choice for you.

Skilled Craftsmen: We work with a team who are skilled in the art of stone restoration. Our team are trained experts who have an in-depth knowledge of reviving different types of natural stone surfaces such as marble, granite, limestone, travertine, and terrazzo

Comprehensive Services: Keystone Contracting Corp offers one of the best-detailed stone restoration services in Bronx. From cleaning to polishing, repair, and sealing, we are committed to restoring your structure’s stone surfaces to its pristine beauty 

Precise Techniques:  Our experts employ advanced techniques for our stone restoration services to get your stone looking great again, especially if the surfaces are chipped or cracked. We use the latest techniques like epoxy filling and patching to get your stone back to its seamless state.

Local Accessibility:  Since you need stone restoration services near you in Bronx, we are the best bet for you. Our office is located at the heart of the city making us very accessible to all your property’s unique needs.

Our Process

At Keystone Contracting Corp, we are interested in restoring your properties’ stone surfaces to their old charm, whether residential or commercial. The good thing is you don’t have to search for stone restoration near me anymore, since we are located in the heart of the city. Here’s a breakdown of  our restoration process 

Consultation: The first step to getting us to handle your project with the utmost care is by consulting us. Our offices are open 24/7  which makes us easily accessible to listen to all your concerns and needs.

Assessment: After consultation, you can trust us to handle the project from there. When we arrive at your home, we’ll thoroughly assess the building’s stone surface to check for signs of cracks, tears, or serious damage.

Tailored Plan: No two stones are the same. Findings gotten from the assessment will help us create a  customized plan for the restoration phase and also a workable budget that’ll suit your property’s needs. In cases of serious damage, our plan would also be tailored to fit the replacement of the stones.

Restoration Phase: This is where the major work begins. Our experts will handle the restoration phases with the utmost care. From cleaning to repairs, polishing, and sealing. We will ensure your stone’s surface looks sparkling again. 

Final Touches: At the completion of the project, we will inspect your property one more time again to be sure our stone restoration services tick all the right boxes.

Case Study/Testimonials

Keystone Contracting Corp has handled many stone restoration services that have earned clients’ trust in Bronx. One of such is a Brownstone restoration in the city, which involved reviving and returning the building to its aesthetic splendor. This is a perfect case study of the quality stone restoration services we offer.


Contact Us

You don’t have to search for “stone restoration services near me” anymore, since we are located in the heart of Bronx. And we also provide other services like wood restoration and masonry cleaning. All you need to do is contact us at our landline numbers or visit our office at 1078 Arnow Ave, The Bronx, NY 10469, United States to schedule a consultation and let us restore your stone’s surface to its original beauty.

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