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Exterior Waterproofing Services in Bronx

Our Comprehensive Exterior Waterproofing Services

Our Comprehensive Exterior Waterproofing Services offer high-quality solutions to protect your property from water damage and extend its life. Our professionals use innovative procedures and materials of excellent quality to seal and protect the exterior of your structure, minimizing water infiltration and other structural difficulties. We are committed to providing dependable and long-lasting waterproofing solutions, whether it is sealing foundation cracks, applying waterproof coatings, or constructing drainage systems.

Mentioned below are our comprehensive exterior waterproofing services:

  • Exterior Basement Waterproofing
  • Exterior Foundation Waterproofing
  • Exterior Wall Waterproofing

Water damage may be an absolute nightmare for property owners, and we understand that. Our staff is committed to offering excellent exterior waterproofing services to keep your property safe.

exterior waterproofing services bronx
exterior waterproofing services

Advantages of Choosing Keystone Contracting Corp

Our skilled team can easily handle the exterior and interior of any building, to create an aesthetic and unique look contact Keystone Contracting Corp. Mentioned below are the advantages of choosing Keystone Contracting Corp:


  • High-Quality Outcomes: We ensure that your construction project will be completed to the highest possible standard as we are committed to delivering high-quality results.
  • Completion on Time: Keystone Contracting Corp promotes efficiency and works carefully to meet deadlines, and has a proven track record of finishing projects on time.
  • Low Charges: Keystone Contracting Corp provides low charges with fine quality by using different tools and techniques.
  • Premium Tools and Techniques: Keystone uses premium tools to ensure the end product’s durability and lifespan.

Our Proven Process

Our professionals are available to maintain your exterior structures with exceptional solutions ranging from roofing to scaffolding. We ensure the safety and security of your building by completing work from the cellar to the roof.

We know that each project is different, and we adjust our services to your specific requirements, budget, and timeframe. Remember that exterior waterproofing services are an important task, and that attention to every detail is essential for ensuring the structure’s long-term stability. If you are not familiar with waterproofing tasks, it is best to employ a professional contractor like Keystone Contracting Corp. We provide wide range of waterproofing services including foundation and exterior waterproofing.


“Keystone Contracting Corp” emerged as a shining beacon of achievement in the hectic world of building. The company set out on the journey with a strong will to excel and a vision of providing excellent projects that exceeded expectations. The following are some remarks from our clients:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of outside waterproofing?

Exterior waterproofing helps to avoid water damage, growth of mould, and structural difficulties due to water seepage through the ground or walls, guaranteeing a dry and safe atmosphere within the building.

How can I determine if I require external waterproofing?

If you find dampness and growth of mould on your basement walls, or if you have regular water leaks after heavy rains, your house may require exterior waterproofing.

Is a permit required for exterior waterproofing?

The requirement for a permit will depend on the location and scope of the operation. It’s critical to check with your local building officials to see if a permit is required.

Can exterior waterproofing be performed on an existing structure?

Yes, existing structures can have their exteriors waterproofed. However, it may include more complicated steps and be more expensive than introducing it throughout the construction process.

Trust Keystone Contracting Corp for Your Exterior Maintenance Needs

Finally, Keystone Contracting Corp is the trustworthy and reliable choice for all of your exterior maintenance requirements. You may be confident that your property is in good hands because of its established record of quality, skilled team, & commitment to client satisfaction.

Keystone Contracting Corp is committed to addressing your exterior waterproofing services requirements with care, including routine checks, cleaning, and repairs. Contact us to be guaranteed competent maintenance solutions tailored to your exterior waterproofing services requirements.

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