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Expert Brick Pointing Services in Bronx - Enhance Your Property's Charm

Revitalize your Bronx property with expert brick pointing services. Our skilled team restores and enhances the beauty of your brickwork. Contact us for reliable and professional masonry solutions.

Welcome to Keystone Contracting Corp - Your Trusted Brick Pointing Partner in Bronx

Over the years, we have stood tall as the most trusted and reliable company offering high-quality solutions to every property’s unique needs in Bronx. Our brick pointing services in Bronx are handled with a high level of professionalism that leaves our clients satisfied. Our team of certified experts are qualified professionals with knowledge of restoring the aesthetics, and charm of Bronx’s historic buildings. 

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Why Choose Our Brick Pointing Services in Bronx

It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial or residential property, our brick pointing services in Bronx will leave every property owner with a satisfied smile. Here are some reasons you should hire us:


Preservation:  We believe in preserving the old charm of historic buildings to acknowledge their architectural heritage. So be rest assured, when we handle your project, we won’t strip away its ties to the past. Instead, your property modified. A good combination of historical charm and modern innovation.


Aesthetics: Historical buildings are architectural masterpieces. Our brick pointing services in Bronx involves enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the building by removing the damaged mortar and replacing it with a new mortar that matches the original 


Structural Integrity: We are a firm believer in excellence and value. This is why we handle every project with care.  We understand that well-executed brick pointing is important for the property’s structure and to maintain the structure’s integrity 


Cost-Efficiency: Well-maintained buildings help you sleep well at night knowing you have a sturdy roof over your head and you won’t incur extra cost. So, hiring Keystone Contracting Corp for timely interventions is one way to reduce costs.

Our Brick Pointing Process: From Assessment to Revitalization, Seamless Approach

Here is a step-by-step guide to our brick pointing process in Bronx:


Our team will thoroughly assess the structure to identify spots of deterioration or damaged mortar joints 


Before we continue with the main work. We will clear the area of the brickwork to remove waste, and loose mortar for a spacious and clear workspace 


Our team of experts will grind, point and replace your brick to give it a fresh new look. This not just maintains your property but enhances its aesthetic appeal 


After the completion of the project, we still provide aftercare services. In cases when you notice a crack and you need our services immediately.

Trusted Brick Pointing Experts in Bronx: Why Choose Keystone Contracting Corp for Brick Pointing

Hiring the services of a reputable and professional brick pointing company in Bronx like Keystone Contracting Corp gives you confidence that your property is in reliable hands. Our thousands of clients all over the New York are proof of our commitment and dedication to our customer’s satisfaction. We also handle brick restoration and local law 11 projects.

Expertise and Experience

We work with a team of certified experts who have been in the industry for a considerable period.  We understand the technical processes involved in grinding and pointing. And this is why we only work with specialists who will show their expertise in the job and deliver top-notch services for you.

Client Testimonials & Case Studies:

Here is a peak of our commitment to quality services and the satisfaction of clients:

Case Study (Greenwich Village):


A beautiful historical building in Greenwich Village stood the test of time and was one of Bronx’s architectural masterpieces. However, even the strongest property is susceptible to wear and tear. Keystone  Contracting Corp was hired to breathe life into the building and they did by carefully assessing the property’s needs, using advanced techniques to deliver top-notch services.


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