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Basement Waterproofing Services in Bronx

Our Professional Basement Waterproofing Services

Keystone Contracting Corp is a well-known name in the business of basement waterproofing services in Bronx. We have vast experience in implementing projects of varying complexities and sizes. Our devoted staff uses modern techniques and premium materials to protect your basement from water intrusion and structural decay.

We also provide commercial waterproofing of basement services in New York City. Our staff has the skills and expertise to undertake large-scale commercial and residential waterproofing jobs. We understand the problems that any building face when it comes to basement waterproofing services.

basement waterproofing services bronx

Advantages of Choosing Keystone Contracting Corp

Any business, retail space, or restaurant can have its interior and exterior renovated by our qualified team to make it welcoming and useful. The benefits of Keystone Contracting Corp are listed below:

  • High-Quality Results: Our dedication to producing high-quality outcomes guarantees that your construction project will be finished to the highest standards.
  • Completion on Time: Keystone Contracting Corp promotes efficiency and works carefully to meet deadlines, and has a proven track record of finishing projects on time.
  • Affordable Charges: Keystone provides affordable options without sacrificing quality by using its efficient techniques.
  • High-Quality Tools: Keystone uses premium tools to ensure the end product’s durability and lifespan.

Our Proven Process

Our expert workers are available to maintain your basement structures with exceptional solutions ranging from roofing to scaffolding. We ensure the safety of your property by completing work from the start to the end.

We know that each project is different, and we adjust our services to your specific requirements, budget, and timeframe. Basement waterproofing services are so important. If you don’t know much about waterproofing, you should hire a professional contractor. We provide wide range of waterproofing services including foundation and deck waterproofing.


“Keystone Contracting Corp” emerged as a shining beacon of achievement in the hectic world of building. The company set out on the journey with a strong will to excel and a vision of providing excellent projects that exceeded expectations. The following are some remarks from our clients:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Keystone Contracting Corp provide basement waterproofing services?

Yes, Keystone Contracting Corp provides basement waterproofing services for your property. We offer the best designs, sizes, guides, and installation as part of our services. Contact us for waterproofing of basement services in Bronx.

Is Keystone Contracting Corp Insured and licensed?

Yes, we are completely insured and licensed, giving you relaxation of mind throughout the construction process.

What indications should I look for before waterproofing my basement?

Water seepage, moisture, mould development, musty odors, and obvious fissures in the walls or ground are common indicators.

What various waterproofing techniques are there?

The use of sump pumps, inside drainage systems, exterior waterproofing coatings, interior and exterior sealants, and adequate grading around the foundation are some of the techniques..

Trust Keystone Contracting Corp for Your Basement Maintenance Needs

Keystone Contracting Corp is committed to addressing your basement waterproofing services requirements with care, including routine checks, cleaning, and repairs.

We promise to provide only the best services, so you can rely on us. We only employ the best people for the job because we understand how important it is to have a solid roof on your house that will last for a very long time.

Contact us now to be guaranteed competent repairing solutions tailored to your basement waterproofing services requirements.

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