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Jersey Barrier Rental and Sale in Bronx

As a property owner whose project is currently undergoing construction, making use of jersey barriers is one of the best ways of protecting your project from disruptions in the surroundings. However, the duties of a jersey barrier don’t end with property owners, major manufacturers, and road construction workers also use jersey barriers for traffic management and delineating of construction zones. 

This concrete barrier has constantly proven itself to be an effective tool for providing stability and a formidable obstacle making it ideal for various industries. However, you can only get the best jersey barrier if you hire the services of a reputable jersey barrier rental company. These professionals ensure your Jersey Barrier is made from the finest and strongest material available to serve as a protective tool against environmental disruptions.

Range of Barrier Solutions

Here’s a look at how different barriers cater to the needs of  many sectors

Jersey Barriers (Concrete Barriers)


They are probably one of the most versatile types of barrier available which makes them perfectly suitable for different needs such as:

Construction Sites: Construction companies usually use Jersey Barriers to separate work areas from active traffic lanes to enhance safety. 

Road Safety:  They are also an effective tool for road safety, these materials excel by helping to redirect or contain vehicles going on a fast lane to prevent collisions. Most times you’ll find these barriers placed on highways or sharp curves to slow down the vehicle and minimize risk. 

Events: Event planners make use of Jersey barriers in large events like concerts, parades, and sports to help manage crows and control pedestrian flow. 

Security: In places that need high security such as government buildings or sensitive installations, jersey barriers can serve as the perfect tool for preventing unauthorized vehicles from breaching secure zones.

Water-Filled Barriers


These barriers are very portable and lightweight making them suitable for short-term solutions. Water-filled barriers cater to the needs of industries like: 

Entertainment and Events: Those barriers  are effective for managing crowds at events like marathons, festivals, and trade shows since you can easily transport and arrange them when you need them

Road Maintenance:  These barriers also function very well during road maintenance projects to help separate work zones from traffic lanes. They are the go-to choice because of their lightweight 

Plastic Barriers


Compared to water-filled barriers, these barriers are more flexible and lightweight making them the perfect choice for situations that require fast setup and dismantling. Plastic barriers cater to the needs of sectors such as:

Events: You will find them in small events and gatherings. They are the go-to choice for event planners who need quick barriers to mark boundaries and guide attendees.

Parking Lots: These barriers are very effective for parking lots, they help create boundaries between one vehicle and another. Also, it helps drivers stay within the marked spaces preventing them from encroaching onto sidewalks or other places.

Concrete K-Rail Barriers


These barriers have the shape of the letter K and are effective in scenarios like: 

Diversion and Channelization: K-rail barriers are an effective solution for guiding traffic into specific lanes or routes during construction work. Road safety workers also make use of them to channel traffic at toll booths or intersection 

Perimeter Security: You can also find K-rail barriers used for perimeter security due to their design. These barriers ensure sensitive areas are safe and protect outdoor spaces from trespassers 

Metal Barriers (Barricades)


These barriers are very versatile and used for numerous applications since they are lightweight and easily transportable. You’ll find metal Barriers in places like: 

Events:  Event planners use them to create orderly lines for ticketing, and entry. These barriers help manage large crowds and ensure a smooth flow of traffic. 

Public Safety: In cases of emergencies, metal barriers are the perfect tool for crowd control. They are very effective in establishing safe evacuation routes to ease traffic. 

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Company Background and Experience

At Keystone Contracting Corp, we provide high-quality jersey barrier rental services for both long-term and short-term projects. We pride ourselves as the best when it comes to top-notch jersey barrier services in the city. Our commitment and dedication to client satisfaction help us ensure that we source the finest and most durable materials for our jersey barrier.

As a company that has been in operation for over 20 years, we are fully licensed, and certified by the industry to provide quality barrier services to property owners, construction companies, and manufacturing projects. We gather experience from years of providing excellent barrier services and gathering in-depth knowledge of the industry to help serve our clients better. So if you’re in the heart of the city and you need to get your hands on the best jersey barrier available either for renting or for sale, look no further than Keystone Contracting Corp.

Customization and Branding

At Keystone Contracting Corp, our team of experts not only provides quality jersey barrier rental services for all your needs but also customizes them based on your preferences. We offer quality jersey barriers with reflective tape, logos, or specific colors for branding or safety purposes.

We understand the need for maximizing visibility, especially in places with low light, which is why we offer the option of adding reflective tape to our Jersey barriers. With our reflective tapes, nighttime construction projects are more noticeable to drivers and passersby. This ensures a safe working environment for both the workers and everyone involved.

Additionally, our customized jersey barriers allow you to input your company’s logo, and event branding to help enhance your brand’s visibility. So instead of settling for standard barriers, turn them into an opportunity for branding with our customized jersey. 

Also, we offer color codes to help you organize and differentiate areas at your construction sites, we can customize jersey barriers to match your color scheme. Our company offers a range of  color options to suit your preferences.

Benefits of Jersey Barrier Rental

Here are the benefits of engaging the services of a reputable Jersey Barrier Rental company for your project’s unique needs

Enhanced Safety: These barriers provide a solid physical barrier that ensures the safety of the construction workers. The barriers prevent vehicle intrusion in areas that are restricted. Apart from construction sites, when used in other sectors like events, they help reduce the risk of accidents and fatal collisions 

Quick Setup and Removal: The easy installation and dismantling of Jersey barriers make them a popular choice for many sectors. This is particularly useful for projects working with time. They help planners establish safe zones and remove them with ease when the project or event is complete

Flexibility and Customization: Jersey Barriers are very flexible. It doesn’t matter where you want to use them. The nature of these barriers helps them adapt to different scenarios. Another interesting thing about these barriers is that you can customize them to either improve your brand’s visibility or send a protective message to pedestrians. 

Traffic Management: Jersey Barriers are very effective when it comes to controlling traffic. Professionals can strategically place them on highways to reroute vehicles, close lanes or create detours during road construction or large events, thereby preventing congestion and ensuring smoother traffic management 

Cost-Effectiveness: Getting jersey barriers from professional jersey barrier rental companies prevents extra costs such as upfront purchasing costs, maintenance expenses, and storage fees. This helps you save your resources and allocate them efficiently 

Expert Guidance: Reputable jersey barrier rental companies like Keystone Contracting Corp always provide expert guidance on barrier placement, setup, and customization options as part of the comprehensive service package. This helps you make use of the barriers for other projects that require their effective solutions.

Safety Measures and Compliance

Jersey Barriers are an effective solution for ensuring the safety of workers in a construction site and also the safety of crowds in large events. However, these barriers can only be in their top shape with  safety features like: 

Impact Resistance and Durability: When they are built from high-quality materials like concrete or plastic, thankfully Keystone Contracting Corp sources its Jersey Barriers from the finest materials. This helps them withstand impact forces even in the face of collisions and reduces the potential for damage. 

Height and Visibility: When Jersey Barriers are built at certain heights it prevents vehicles from going over them in cases of crash or collision. This design is particularly useful as it serves as a safety measure to reduce the risk of fatal accidents.

Customization: As part of their safety features, these barriers can be customized with reflective tape to enhance their visibility, especially in places with low light. 

Compliance with Safety Standards: Professional jersey barrier rental companies are committed to meeting safety standards and regulations. So if you’re engaging the services of one, you can be rest assured your Jersey barrier will be effective. Note that these standards may vary by region and application and a reputable provider will ensure the barriers meet or exceed those standards.

Our Installation Process

At Keystone Contracting Corp, we understand the duties and benefits a good jersey barrier offers to different sectors of the economy, it goes beyond their design and covers proper installation and ongoing maintenance. Our company takes great pride in its commitment to safety, and this is why we always go the extra mile to ensure every jersey barrier is installed properly by our expert team and maintained to keep them in optimal shape.

Here’s a quick look at our installation process:

Site assessment: Our team will conduct a thorough assessment to find specific needs or challenges. This assessment helps us recommend the best type of jersey Barriers for your project or event 

Expert Installation: Our team of experts will strategically place the jersey Barriers according to your needs. We will also  consider important  factors like traffic flow, and passersby before we continue our installation process 

Maintenance and Inspection: To ensure our jersey barriers are effective for quick completion of projects or the success of events. We will carry out routine inspections to check for any signs of damage, repair or replace them if necessary, and ensure the reflective signs are visible.

Request a Quote or Consultation

If you are looking for quality jersey barrier rental services in the city, look no further than Keystone Contracting Corp. We are the best option for you when it comes to providing top-notch and comprehensive jersey barrier services for your construction or event. We also provide scaffolding rental and fencing services

Contact us today at our landline number +1 718-256-3656 or send us an email at or simply fill out the contact form on our website to enable you to request a quote or schedule a consultation with us.  We are ready to provide a quality solution to meet your specific jersey barrier rental needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the typical height of a jersey barrier?

A typical Jersey barrier stands 32 inches (81 cm) tall 

  1. What is another name for the jersey barrier?

Jersey Curb, Concrete Barrier, K-rail or Jersey Wall

  1. Why do they call it a jersey barrier?

They were developed at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken New Jersey

  1. How do you transport Jersey barriers?

They are usually transported on flatbed trailers. 

  1. Does a jersey barrier weigh?

Barriers constructed from reinforced concrete, normally in 10 ft. lengths often weigh 4,000 lbs. or more. 

  1. What is a jersey barrier made of?

Concrete and reinforced steel

  1. Who invented Jersey barriers?

Stevens Institute of Technology

  1. How are Jersey barriers connected?

The embedded steel reinforcements protrude from each end, which allows the barriers to be linked together with additional concrete that can be poured on-site.

  1. How wide is the base of a Jersey barrier?

24in wide

  1. How thick is a Jersey barrier?

Wall Thickness: 0.25″ or 6.35 mm (avg.) 

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