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Retaining Wall Services in Bronx by Keystone Contracting Corp

Our Wall Retaining Services Includes:

Our offerings include creating walls for retaining that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing. We specialize in building retaining walls that enhance the general aesthetic and feel of your outdoor area.

Retaining Wall Block

Concrete, interlocking, huge, and Lowe’s retaining wall blocks are just a few of the many types of retaining wall blocks we can use. We cooperate with you to choose the finest solution for your particular project because we are aware that various materials have various strengths and limits. Utilizing a variety of retaining wall stones, our team has extensive experience designing and erecting retaining walls.

Retaining Wall Brick

For a traditional and rustic appearance in outdoor locations, retaining wall bricks is an excellent option.  At Keystone Contracting Corporation, we have a wealth of experience creating and putting up retaining walls out of different kinds of bricks. We collaborate with you to fully comprehend your preferences and needs before delivering specialized solutions.

Retaining Wall Stones

Using retaining wall stones is a terrific way to give outdoor areas an organic and natural appearance. Designing and building retaining walls out of a variety of stones is a skill our team at Keystone Contracting Corporation has.

Retaining Wall Cap

Your idea for a retaining wall needs retaining wall tops to give it a polished look. We at Keystone Contracting Corp provide a wide selection of attractive and practical retaining wall tops. Our staff is knowledgeable in creating and setting up retaining wall tops that blend in with the overall appearance and feel of your outdoor area.

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Company Expertise and Experience

A reputable construction firm with a long history of providing great knowledge and experience, Keystone Contracting Corp. Keystone Contracting Corporation has proven its dedication to quality, creativity, and client satisfaction over more than three decades of devoted service by doing so continuously.

The business is a dependable partner for clients looking for outstanding services because of its vast portfolio, which displays its diverse competence in many different building disciplines.

The group of highly qualified specialists on Keystone Contracting Corp staff is one of its greatest assets. The business employs professional laborers, project managers, engineers, and architects who work well together to complete projects of various sizes and degrees of complexity.

Importance of Proper Installation

For long-term stability and to avoid potential problems, retaining wall installation must be done correctly. These barriers are necessary for preserving the stability of structures and landscapes because they serve to keep back soil and stop erosion.

Protection Against Soil Erosion:

Retaining walls protect against the erosion of soil, which can harm neighbouring structures and degrade nearby landscapes. When a wall is installed correctly, the soil must not become saturated and water must be directed away from the exterior wall to avoid weakening its stability.

No Safety Risks:

Retaining wall services that have been improperly erected present a safety risk. They might suddenly shift or collapse, harming nearby persons as well as causing damage to neighbouring property.

Leaks and Seepage:

It could result from improper installation if the wall is meant to keep back water. This may result in costly repairs due to soil and building damage.


Retaining walls that have been installed properly may last longer and require fewer repairs or replacements over time. Long-term, this saves both money and time.

Building Value:

A well-built retaining wall service can increase the value of a building. A house with a solid, correctly placed wall that doesn’t need quick maintenance or repair will appeal to potential purchasers more.

Benefits of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls has many advantages, including the ability to manage water flow, reduce soil erosion, make sloped property useful, and improve the appearance of landscapes. Additionally, they offer structural support and might lessen the likelihood that shifting soil will cause harm to infrastructure or buildings.

Client Testimonials

Below mentioned are some reviews and testimonials from our clients. All of these reviews show our commitment to providing our customers best solutions.

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Always feel free to contact us if you require expert retaining wall services. We have professional staff ready to help you with any of your repair and retaining needs. We also provide power washing and stair repair services. You can contact us via the following methods:

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