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NYC Local Law 11 - FISP: Ensuring Structural Safety and Compliance

As a property owner in New York City, you should be aware of NYC local law, especially if you own a facade building. This law was enacted by authorities to ensure the safety of citizens in the city and to prevent tragic incidents from happening again.

This is why hiring the services of professionals like Keystone Contracting Corp, a licensed and registered Local Law Contractor in NYC with a proven track record of successful facade inspection and maintenance services to clients is very important.

Understanding Local Law 11

NYC Local Law 11, also known as Facade Inspection and Safety Program(FISP) was enacted in 1998 to curb the hazards and threats building facades posed. The law began in the 80s  and was called Local Law 10, when a piece of facade fell off a building and killed a pedestrian. 

Another tragic incident occurred again leading to the enactment of Local Law 11. The law demands that owners who have more than six stories have their facades thoroughly inspected and repairs undertaken by licensed Local Law Contractors to ensure the safety of both the occupants of the facade building and a pedestrian.

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Our Expertise

For Over 30 years, Keystone Contracting Corp has carried out licensed local law 11 operations on the buildings of our clients who rely on us for high-quality services. Here is a breakdown of why we are considered experts in the industry.

Facade Inspections:

Our facade inspection is a thorough examination of your building’s exterior to identify any signs of wear or tear due to exposure to environmental factors.

Detailed Reports: 

After inspection, our team takes down a detailed report including photographs of our findings and possible recommendations on the next step for your building’s facade.

Repair Recommendations: 

From our inspections, we would recommend the next line of action for you. Be it repairs or replacement of the facades. However, this depends on our findings.

Project Management: 

When you trust us with your buildings, you’re sure to rest easy with two eyes close knowing we will handle the project with utmost care and efficiency.

Our Process

Considering giving us a shot to handle your building? Here’s step by step process of our NYC Local Law 11 authorized facade services to aid your decision.


The first step to ensuring your facade building stays in top shape is by consulting us. When you schedule for consultation, we listen to your concerns and prepare our team to spring into action 


Our team will carry out a comprehensive inspection of your building’s exterior. From the walls, balconies, parapets, and other relevant components. The inspection is done to assess the condition of the building material, identify any sign of distress 

Report Generation:

A detailed report will be generated from our team outlining the necessary repairs and maintenance needed to comply with Local Law 11 based on our findings 

Repair Planning:

NYC local law 11 requires prompt action, especially after the identification of signs of distress. We will swing into action for repair planning and schedule the best time to begin repairs for your building.


This is the most important part of our services. The implementation of our repair planning. This may include replacing corroded metal elements, reinforcement, installation of protective scaffolding or netting, and waterproofing.


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We are licensed NYC Local Law 11 contractors operating in full compliance with the law to provide quality facade inspection and repair services. Contact us today and be rest assured of getting top-notch services that protect you and your property from potential hazards. We also provide masonry cleaning and brick pointing services.

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