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Scaffolding Rental Services for Safe and Efficient Construction Projects in Bronx

Keystone Contracting Corp provides comprehensive scaffolding rental services from complete design, engineering, assembling, and dismantling for all your project’s access needs. We understand the importance of accessibility to heights which is why  we offer high-quality and cost-effective solutions near you

We are without a doubt the best scaffoldings you will find in NYC. Our professionals are experts with vast knowledge and exceptional skills to handle all your scaffolding needs ensuring the safety of your workers. At Keystone Corp, we prioritize customer satisfaction with our unwavering commitment to delivering excellent and quality services only.

scaffolding rental services bronx

Benefits of Our Scaffolding Rental Services

As one of the leading contractors in NYC, we offer top-notch scaffolding rental services. Here are the benefits you’ll get when you engage our services 

Cost-Effective Solutions: Our scaffolding rental services are budget-friendly. You don’t have to break the bank before getting quality rental services 

Safety Features: The equipment is designed with the best safety features. They include fall arrest systems, secondary safety lines, and emergency stop control to ensure the optimum safety of both workers and the structure 

Ease of Setup: Our scaffold equipments are easy to assemble without stressing the workers. In addition, our experts  will be on hand to set up the equipment efficiently 

Durability:  We offer the best scaffolding equipment that stands the test of time. As a constructor in need of our services, you are rest assured that our equipment is long-lasting. You have no cause to worry about the equipment aiding the execution of your project 

Compliance with Industry standards: The equipment is built in a way to comply with industry standards to make sure they meet all safety requirements.

scaffolding rental services bronx

Our Solutions: A Contribution to a Smoother Construction Process

Here are some ways our solutions make a difference for your project and contribute to a smoother construction process

Tailored Solutions: Every construction project has its challenges. Our scaffolding solutions offer tailored solutions to cater to your project’s specific needs. Whether you need interior or exterior scaffold services, our systems are adjustable to provide the precise working platform you need.

Better Productivity: With our scaffolding solutions, your workers can easily access different parts of the structure. The secure and stable platforms we provide help your workers do their jobs efficiently, boosting overall productivity.

Reduced Interference: Unlike traditional scaffolding construction methods, our scaffolding rental services are built for minimal disruption. The swift installation and adjustable design of our equipment help other tasks continue seamlessly without interruptions 

Easy Access and Movement: Our scaffolding solutions offer not only secure platforms but also easy access and movement. Workers can easily navigate the scaffold to reach different parts of the structure,  reducing the time and effort required to move around the construction site. 

Minimized Project Delays: With our scaffolding solutions, tasks are performed swiftly minimizing project delays considerably and leading to faster completion of the project.

Why Choose Us

At Keystone Contracting Corp, we pride ourselves as the best when it comes to quality rental scaffold solutions for every project’s unique needs. 

Local presence: Our availability is unparalleled, we have offices and branches scattered over every high-brow city of the country. If you’re looking for scaffold rental services in NYC, you can find us at the heart of the city (Bronx). This is to ensure a quick response to your project needs  

Quality assurance:  Our equipment is built with quality safety measures and is well maintained. This is to ensure they are in optimal shape for efficient delivery. Our expert team will also conduct pre-use, weekly, and post-use inspections to ensure safety.

Experienced team: Our team are experts with vast knowledge of scaffold equipment and can recommend suitable scaffolding for every project’s needs.

Our Scaffolding Rental Process

Here are the steps involved in renting scaffolding in our company

Inquiry and consultation: Make your inquiries by checking our websites. You can also send a message to our contact line or email address or better still fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation with us.

Scaffolding selection:  After your consultation with us, our experts will recommend  and help you select the right scaffold equipment  that will suit your project’s needs

Delivery, setup, and dismantling: We will schedule a date to deliver the equipment to your site, and our team will set up the scaffold equipment for use and will also be on hand to dismantle the equipment when the project is complete.

Return Process: At the completion of your project, our team will be on hand to safely return the equipment after a thorough inspection.

Safety Standards and Compliance

Our company’s commitment to safety for the scaffold rental services we offer is unparalleled. We ensure all safety features are in place to ensure a safe workspace for workers.

We also conduct routine inspections of the equipment in compliance with industry regulations to ensure the system is in its best shape for delivery. Our inspectors are competent and certified experts with in-depth knowledge of scaffolding to ensure the stability and safety of the workers.

Client Testimonials

From the quotes above, we have happy customers around the world because of the quality services we offer and this includes our rental service:

Scaffolding Rental Case Study: Enhancing Construction Efficiency

Keystone Contracting Corp, one of the leading construction companies in NYC undertook a renovation project for a historic structure downtown. Read our case study for details information.

Pricing and Packages

Our scaffolding rental services are very affordable and budget-friendly. You don’t have to break the bank for our cost effect scaffold rental services.  To keep the smile on the faces of our customers, we have special discounts and package deals for returning clients who engage in our scaffold rental services.


  1. Does scaffolding need inspections?

Yes. A competent inspector should inspect the equipment before use, weekly, and also when the project is complete.

  1. What are the rules for scaffolding ladders?

Well secured so they won’t slip, usually by tying them at the top.

  1. What type of scaffold is prohibited?

The use of shore scaffolds and lean-to-scaffolds is strictly prohibited.

  1. Is there a time limit on scaffolding?

Due to the different needs of building projects scaffolding can be left up indefinitely, as long as health and safety regulations are not compromised.

  1. What is the most commonly used scaffold?

Frame scaffolding is the most common type of supported scaffolding because it is economical, easy to assemble and dismantle, and the most versatile. 

  1. What is the spacing for scaffolding?

Vertically: every 20 feet (6.1 meters) or less for scaffolds less than three feet (0.91 meters) wide. Every 26 feet (7.9 meters) or less for scaffolds more than three feet (0.91 meters) wide. Horizontally at each end; at intervals do not exceed 30 feet (9.1 meters) from one end.

  1. Do you need a harness on scaffolding?

Some laws require workers to wear a full-body harness, (one part of a Personal Fall Arrest System) when they are working on a suspended scaffold more than 10 feet above the working surface.

  1. What is the most common scaffold incident?

Falls from Elevation 

  1. What is one way to prevent scaffold damage?

Keep the scaffold clean and organized by removing any debris, tools, materials, or equipment that are not in use. 

  1. How do you check scaffolding safety?

Check footings to see if they are level, sound, rigid, and capable of supporting the loaded scaffold. Check legs, posts, frames, and uprights to see if they are on baseplates and mudsills.

Contact Us

  1. You can reach us at our landline number +1 718-256-3656, or send us a mail at or visit our office at 1078 Arnow Ave, The Bronx, NY 10469, United States. We also provide jersey barriers rental service. You can also check our website  and fill in our contact forms for further inquiries.

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