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Can A General Contractor Do Roofing?

Can A General Contractor Do Roofing

The roof is an integral component of any home. They provide an effective layer of protection against water, snow, sunlight, and other inclement weather conditions. Protecting everything beneath them. However, as time progresses, they are subjected to damage and wear and tear due to these harsh environmental conditions.

These damages significantly reduce the overall aesthetic appeal and the durability of your roof. Therefore, they require constant repair and maintenance so that they can function properly.

However, you may have thought about who to call for the repair and maintenance of your roof. Can a general contractor do the job or should you call a professional roofer? The answer depends upon your needs and the type of damage.

A general contractor has the skills to handle a variety of tasks. He can manage every single aspect of the work from your doors, and windows, to the roofing works. However, he might lack the knowledge and experience that are required to undertake roofing work.

Whereas a professional roofer has all the knowledge, skills, and expertise to seamlessly execute any roofing work.

In this blog post, we’ll briefly describe the roles and expertise of a general contractor and a professional roofer. So that you can easily decide which one is the best for your job.

Working With a General Contractor

A general contractor is skilled in managing various aspects of your residential or commercial projects. He is actively involved at every single stage from planning to execution. Therefore, choosing a general contractor for your roofing work provides you with a person who is adept at handling a wide variety of tasks.

Although they are skilled in a lot of trades, it’s difficult to find those who have the ability to handle roofing work. Undertaking any roofing job requires very specialized skills and years of experience. And a general contractor may lack all these qualities.

Besides, in some states, the laws mandate that the roofing works should be carried out by a licensed roofing company. For instance, the Department of Building New York specifies that roofing works should be performed by licensed and professional individuals. Whereas a general contractor might lack these licenses.

Therefore, hiring a DOB-licensed roofing contractor ensures that your roofing work is legally compliant with all DOB rules. Protecting you from all sorts of roofing trouble in the future.

Complexities Involved in Roofing Projects

Performing roofing works requires specialized knowledge that goes beyond normal construction. Roofs are the outermost protective layer that protects everything beneath them. Therefore, from planning to designing, roofing works involve many complexities that include

1.     Structural Consideration

Apart from bearing their own loads, roofs also bear additional loads. These include snow loads, wind loads, and equipment loads. Therefore, roofs must be properly designed by considering all these loads.

2.     Roofing Materials

It is impossible to have a durable roof without using quality materials. There are a variety of roofing materials available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, only an experienced roofer can help you select materials that best suit your needs.

3.     Water Drainage

Roofs are the outermost protective layer against moisture. They are the ones responsible for repelling all the moisture, therefore they must be adequately designed for efficient water drainage. The slopes, gutter systems, and collecting systems must be properly designed to prevent any issue caused by water accumulation.

4.     Installation Techniques

Knowledge of all the installation techniques is crucial for proper roof installation. If your roofs are not installed properly, it can lead to leaks and other damages. Besides, proper installation cannot be completed without having all the necessary professional tools.

Roofing Contractors

A roofing contractor may not have knowledge about a wide variety of construction, but he may surely nail it when it comes to your roofing job. They possess all the specific knowledge and skills to efficiently execute your roof repair or installation.

They have all the necessary tools, experienced professionals, and techniques that can do the job perfectly. Without getting you in any sort of legal trouble. Besides, they can design roofs that can easily handle the desired loads.

Whether it’s water drainage, materials, or techniques, they’ll always provide you with the best. Furthermore, roofing contractors hold all the necessary licenses and certificates from the concerned department. So, you can always rest easy knowing that your work will be legally compliant with the local laws.


Getting in touch with a roofing contractor is a better idea to consider. Because a roofing contractor will exclusively focus on the roofing job can resolve all the issues efficiently. He will inspect and assess everything in detail and provide you with the best solution.

While a general contractor can offer better management skills, he may not have the expertise in roofing works.

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