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How Much Does Scaffolding Cost?


Construction or renovation work of any sort is always a tedious and challenging endeavor. It requires numerous skilled labourers and many professional and safety tools. One such piece of equipment that forms the backbone of any renovation or construction task is scaffolding. It is a versatile equipment that provides you safe and easy access to inaccessible heights to perform any task. They speed up the whole task and enhance the safety of workers.

Scaffoldings are commonly made from stainless steel pipes joined together using couplers and other fittings. For large projects, they can be assembled into the desired shape to cover the whole building. They are durable and can easily carry a considerable amount of load, making them perfect for construction purposes.

Besides, they are also available in readymade shapes like single towers, double scaffolding, and trestle scaffolding. These ready-made scaffolding structures are commonly utilized for small renovation or repair projects and offer enhanced efficiency.

However, scaffoldings do not come cheap. Buying or renting scaffolding is expensive and they make a big chunk of the overall cost. Hence, in this blog post, we are going to discuss the average rental cost of these structures.

Should You Buy or Rent Scaffoldings?

Scaffoldings are expensive. They have a significant effect on the overall budget of your project. Therefore, the decision of buying or renting scaffolding should be taken wisely by considering all factors. Buying or renting scaffoldings has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, you should choose the one according to your circumstances.

Buying is a good option only for big construction companies that have a steady stream of projects. Whereas, renting is the best option to consider in the following circumstances

1.     Short-Term Project

Renting scaffolding is the most feasible option if you are working on a short-term project. It is also a good option if you have just started your career as a general contractor and do not have a lot of work.

2.     Save Labour Cost

Erecting scaffolding is a tedious task. Without the help of professionals, it can take many days for proper setup. Besides, the crew needs to be properly trained to erect them properly.

However, renting saves you from all these problems. The renter is responsible for transporting, erecting, inspecting, and dismantling the structures. thereby, saving you a significant sum that would have been spent on labor.

3.     Solves Storage Problem

Buying scaffolding means that you have to look after them even after the project is completed. They should be stored in a safe place to prevent them from corrosion and other problems. However, renting solves all these problems efficiently.

How Much Does Scaffolding Rental Cost?

The most important thing about renting scaffolding is their rental cost. Renting scaffolding is not cheap, they make a big chunk of your overall budget. Therefore, their prices should be carefully taken into consideration before taking any step. Scaffolding rental prices are most commonly calculated on a weekly basis.

The average weekly rental price for nearly all scaffoldings in New York is around $100 per square foot of scaffolding. This average price can fluctuate between a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $100 per week, depending on the condition of the scaffolding.

But this is not all. Many factors influence rental prices. All of these factors should be taken into consideration to make a fully informed decision. This helps you a lot in the long run and can reduce the burden on your bank account.

Factors That Influence Scaffolding Rental Price

Factors that have a major effect on scaffolding rental prices include

  • Size and type
  • Location
  • Ease of access
  • Project duration

All these factors should be taken into consideration when deciding to rent scaffoldings.

1.     Size and Type of Scaffolding

Scaffoldings come in various shapes and sizes. Each has its own specific purpose and advantage. The rental prices depend upon the type you need for your project.

For small projects like roof painting or gutter cleaning, a single tower scaffolding is sufficient. However, for large construction or renovation projects large scaffoldings are needed that can cover the entire building.

For such purposes, multi-level scaffoldings are required that can provide easy access to elevated areas. Rental prices of these scaffoldings are higher than simple scaffoldings. Selecting the right scaffolding improves the workers’ security and enhances efficiency too.

2.     Location

Location plays a significant role in deciding the overall rental cost. Renting scaffolding from a nearby company can reduce the mileage cost spent on transportation. This can significantly reduce the overall cost of renting.

3.     Ease of Access

Rental prices also depend upon the ease of access to your location. If your site is located in hard-to-reach areas, such as areas with constant traffic problems, this would increase the overall cost. Conversely, the prices will be lower in areas where access is easy and the structure can be set up easily.

4.     Project Duration

The prices can vary significantly depending on the duration of your project. The overall cost of renting is significantly higher for a long-term project as compared to short-term projects.

However, for long duration projects, the renter may offer a lower average cost per square of scaffoldings.

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