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Should I Stay Home During The Roof Replacement?

roof replacement

Roof replacement is a big renovation project for any homeowner and requires a significant sum to spend. It’s the best option to consider for roofs having significant wear and tear signs, loose flashings, and water damage. Besides, it’s also a big event for any homeowner as removing and installing a new roof isn’t something that they deal with every day.

However, the most pertinent question for any homeowner is to select whether to live in the house during the replacement project or leave it. Your answer to this question might differ based on your choice and preferences.

But in this blog post, our goal is to provide you with the pros and cons of staying in the house during the replacement process. We’ll offer you tips and information that may help you in making a well-informed decision.

However, the very first question that arises in your mind would be, “Whether it’s possible to live in a house during a roof replacement?”.

The answer is yes. You can live in a house during the roof replacement process. If you have chosen a skilled and reputable roofer for the job then the whole process can even get finished in just one day. Otherwise, it can take four to five days at most to get completed. But staying in the house or not is entirely your decision.

Benefits of Staying in the Same House

While moving out sounds like a more feasible and comfortable option, staying in the same house also offers many benefits. Some of these include

1.     Monitoring the Project

Staying in the same home during the replacement project has many disadvantages. For instance, it exposes you to bothersome noise and disruption. But it allows you to constantly monitor the state and progress of the work being done. You can always talk with the contractor about anything that goes against your wishes.

It gives you the flexibility of monitoring firsthand all the progress and also keeps you up to date with all the happenings. You can see that the contractor is using quality materials as agreed in the contract.

 On the contrary, if you have moved to another location, you have to rely on the contractor. While some roofing contractors will send you pictures from the site not all contractors provide this facility.

2.     Prompt Responses

Staying at home provides you the benefit of quickly responding to all the problems that arise during replacement. The contractor can contact you quickly in case if he has any queries, saving delays, and preventing possible disruptions.

3.     Saves Money

The most obvious advantage of not moving to any other house is that it can save you money. Otherwise, you have to spend a significant sum on finding an alternative residence. If you have a small family and the replacement work can be completed quickly then you can find other alternatives like taking a vacation or going to friends or relatives.

However, for larger and more complex repairs that can take several days, you are bound to look for an alternative residence.

Demerits of Staying in The Same House

The demerits are significantly greater than the benefits of staying in the same house. This is the reason why most contractors will suggest moving out of the house during the replacement process. Moving out can prove to be a less irritating and disruptive option and the crew can do their work without any worries. It also addresses all your safety concerns.

Some significant demerits include

4.     Safety Hazards

The most obvious danger of staying in the same house is safety reasons. Roof replacement is always messy and chaotic in nature. No matter how hard you try to protect yourself, the odds of getting yourself hurt are always very high.

It’s impossible for the crew to look over the edge to see if someone is walking down the way. They may unintentionally through the debris in front of your doors and other entrances that can injure anyone.

Safety even becomes more important when you have toddlers or elderly people in your home. Therefore, moving out is the best way to avert all these safety concerns.

5.     Noise Pollution

If you have a multistorey home then the noise can be muffled to an extent. However, it is impossible to eliminate it completely. Replacing a roof involves a lot of hammering and banging and this noise can be very irritating.

These noises can have a serious effect on the mental peace of your family. The vibrations produced during the replacement process can your things vulnerable to breaking.

6.     Generating Dust and Debris

Roof replacement generates a lot of dust and debris in the house. This can make the whole place very messy and uncomfortable to live in. Therefore, moving out is the best option.


How Long Does a Roof Replacement Process Take

It is difficult to determine the exact time period for the whole replacement process as it depends on various factors. These factors include home size, roofing materials, and complexity involved in the project. however, for an average size home, the process takes between 1 to 3 days if you have chosen a reputable contractor for the job.

These were all the pros and cons involved in a roof replacement project. now you can decide on your own whether to stay in the home or choose an alternative residence that best suits your needs.

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